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Dr. Gerard Nolan believes that a common thread connects many types of blindness.  The top goal of Nolan Eye Center is to treat the vision loss resulting from eye disease, rather than focus on the origins of the particular disease. 


Dr. Nolan has had consistent success in improving the vision and quality of life of many patients with retinal diseases such as Stargardt disease and Dry Age Related Maculate Degeneration (ARMD).


Dr. Nolan has dedicated himself to helping people see, both through this ophthalmology practice and his leading edge exploration of new medical methods and treatments for vision loss. Dr. Nolan was a pioneer in the field of laser vision correction; he has trained and lectured around the globe and remains on the forefront of research into new applications for laser correction.

Learn more about Dr. Nolan's treatment for Stargardt disease.

Learn about treatment for Stargardt disease


You may contact Dr. Nolan directly at 1-860-674-9627 or by email.

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